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  Quality Policy

Quality Policy :

It is the policy of JIGAR INDUSTRIES to manufacture and supply high Quality AZO RED PIGMENTS to its valuable customers, to their full satisfaction in terms of consistency in quality and timely delivery of required quantity.

We also commit ourselves to constantly improve our product quality by refining our processes and implementing ISO–9002 Quality Management System in our organizations.

Research & Development :

JIGAR INDUSTRIES is known for providing quality products. The consistent quality of JIGAR, has made it one of the market leaders of the business. The quality of our product is tested at every stage of manufacturing, right from testing of raw material, to the test of final products and packaging. Our well-equipped control laboratory and qualified technicians are making synergic effect, and this effect in turn has resulted in the growth of the company. The company today has all the advanced equipments for its industrial using facility, including computer colour matching system in quality control laboratory.

“The accurate sampling and low allowed deviation” is the motto of quality control department. We also emphasise on quality and it is maintained by our packaging and loading department. We are ready to take up any challenge because it is said that

“There is no finish line for Quality”

Environment :

Presently, the unit has its own pollution control facility, including air, water and solid waste management. In solid waste management, we are members of Bharuch Environmental Infrastructure Limited
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